Jun. 6th, 2011

Club Kooky!

Jun. 6th, 2011 06:09 pm
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Club Kooky, Seymour and Gemma's big bouncy love child, is 16 years old, and to celebrate they put on a wee shindig at the Sydney Opera House.

Club Kooky (at) Opera House. The statement itself is made of pure awesome, and I grinned all the way to the ticket store, and bounced all the way back. Figuratively speaking, of course, since ticket sales were online.

And just in case the Opera House wasn't cool enough, Sydney's Vivid festival of light was on in and around Circular Quay, with flame cannons, light shows, and the Opera House itself transformed into a psychedelic light art showcase, with a bank of giant projectors turning the shells into enormous displays. Perfect for Kooky's shiny happy presence.

Seymour and Gemma doing their musical magic

The foyer was packed with happy, huggy, chatty Kooksters bringing joy with all manner of outlandish outfits. The dance floor was heaving all night long, the music breaking for the odd outrageous burlesque performance (Glitta Supernova lived up to her name in spectacular and entertaining fashion, while the bar manager in me shuddered at the thought of cleaning up that mountain of glitter) which only served to work the crowd into a new frenzy.

The dance floor, going off.

You also meet the nicest people at Kooky. Diablo, Jonny himself, even a random Irishman who, like all Irishmen, seemed to know Robbie, and delighted in winding us up...


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