Sep. 11th, 2009 04:15 pm
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OMG these are the sweetest wheels EVAR!

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We're holed up in Eugene, Oregon, nearly home after a great week in Napa and of course the Satyr's run over the weekend. Only a week to go before I go back home- waah! Though I'll be finding a house for us , getting ready for Brian to arrive in October, and getting back to work at Urge, so I should have plenty to keep me distracted...
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But Brian is happy, because we found a biker coffee shop with wifi.

We're doing the Brian Tour of Minneapolis today, but intend to be at the Eagle at 5 for their 3-for-1 beer thingie. Woohoo!

Minneapolis... in the rain.

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Idaho has no motorcycle helmet law. We're following a gentleman on a very nice, very new custom chopper, all orange and chrome with dealer plates and a back tyre a steamroller would be envious of.

Dude is well tanned, from the top of his frosted hair to his wildly flailing man-boobs to his sandal-wearing feet. At about 50mph the skin on his shoulders sends waves of ripples down his back, which can't be comfortable. Obviously, he's not wearing a shirt, helmet, shoes, or sunglasses. Curiously enough he appears to have earplugs in though. Very sensible.

He's having trouble with corners. The slightest bit of lean causes that wide rear tyre to roll nearly onto the sidewall, shifting and dramatically reducing the contact patch. It looks awful, and apparently feels worse, because every time the bike squirms sideways he tenses up and slows down. So we overtake him on every corner, and on every straight he zooms past, clearly upset at being outhandled by a barbiemobile piloted by laughing poofs.

Idaho... again

Road trip

Aug. 5th, 2009 04:35 pm
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Ooh but Montana is pretty. Huge scenery, nice roads and plenty of rugged eye candy in the towns. Montana daddy safari anyone?

At least, until you get to the big flat bit on the right. That bits a touch repetitive.

Road trip

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I have seen the future and it is filthy.
Experience the future of reading

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We've had a fantastic day. First a leather party in Alameda with only the loveliest perverts, all in their outrageous finest, and then tonight Robbie and Fish's anniversary with fine wine and incredible food.

Tomorrow has a lot to live up to to top this...
The saturday before the Sunday after...

Oh dear.

Jul. 22nd, 2009 02:32 pm
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I had a short but involved conversation woth one of the civilian campers on the weekend. He expressed his admiration that bikers could ride motorbikes: with all that weight, he wondered, wasn't it difficult to balance? Especially at speed?

I pointed out that he had likely learned to ride a pushbike, and a motorbike was just the same only with less pedalling, but he was adamant that it would simply fall over if he tried to ride.

Clearly, he was stubbornly blonde. There was nothing for it but to point out that motorbikes had two gyroscopic stabilisers- one engine driven, the other attached to the front forks that turned with the handlebars. He nodded sagely as he digested this new information, committing it to memory so he could impress his friends with his newfound appreciation of motorcycle mechanics.

Poor sod.
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We rode for 10 hours today, with 4 of those hours along the Klamath river gorge- Four hours of back-to-back 30mph corners (awesome) and 103F heat which made my eyelids feel like bacon (Not so awesome, but bearable). Now we're in Eureka, California, about to fall into a coma.

See you tomorrow, Napa! :-)
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Crater Lake is gorgeous and the bike is running fantastically. We're just about to head towards Napa, via Medford and the coast. Woohoo!
Crater lake, Oregon

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Idaho has some pretty bits, like Redfish Lake. Even when it was raining the mountains were spectacular, and the short walk up to Lily Pond gave us a grand view of the surrounding mountains.

Of course we weren't there just for the scenery. There was Brian's family to meet and I was pleased to find that, despite his warnings otherwise, they were pleasantly normal. Fun, even, with a great sense of humour and a general irreverence towards most everything.

I think we got along so well because they reminded me of my family, only with less tea and biscuits.

American camping is an odd affair: you load up the giant RV with food and televisions and kitchen implements, nd then you attach a trailer packed with offroad vehicles and a powerboat. Then you drive to a well-landscaped parking lot inexplicably called a 'campground', park your RV, and sit inside watching TV. If you're feeling adventurous you might drive to the lake and use the powerboat, or send the kids off on the offroad bikes, but for the most part it's just like a weekend at home, only with more trees.

On Sunday, or when it rains (whichever comes first) you load up the trailer, retract the dining room, and drive home.

Needless to say Brian's family camp in real tents, using camp stoves for cooking, and walk through the forest, and get rained on without melting. I like them a lot.
Camping with the inlaws


Jul. 10th, 2009 04:26 pm
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The view from the front is not nearly so pretty. A crusty, stinky, smeary rain of bugs is making driving less than pleasant.

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Halfway to Idaho (I still had to ask) and the sunset is gorgeous behind us. As is the state trooper we left to his truckstop burrito when we last stopped for petrol.

Mmmm uniforms.

We're both starting to wonder about the wisdom of doing a 4-week road trip in the wee barbiemobile. I suspect we'll end up killing each other.
Leaving las Washington

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Aunt Jemima would be horrified at what's being done to her pancakes...

(he claims it's because the stove is in french)
Brian makes breakfast

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Well we've had a lovely time in Vancouver, but it's nearly time to get on the bikes and head back home. And of course its raining... ugh.

Luckily I have lovely new rain gear, in eye-scorching yellow. At least I'll be easy to spot when I fly into the scenery.

It's been lovely spending time with Ian and being in pretty Canada, but next week its meet the family weekend- at a campground somewhere in Montana. Is that the sound of duelling banjos?

And then it rained.

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We made it! My bum is a little numb and my fingers are all tingly, but overall a lovely ride. Canadian customs are so lovely, if a little obsessed with weapons. I mean, I'm from New Zealand, I wouldn't even know which end of a gun to hold!
Vancouver, eh!

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The new handlebars make all the difference. Though I suspect there's something wrong with the engine- it's all vibratey, all the time. Hmmm.
Halfway to Vancouver

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